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“The choices in the 2020 election couldn’t be more stark: Socialism or Capitalism. A buoyant, opportunity-rich economy. Or economic stagnation and evermore social strife. This well-written, lucid, always-interesting book convincingly makes the case for freedom over tyranny. Essential reading!”

~ Steve Forbes, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media

“Hot off his brilliant book, ‘Crisis of Responsibility,’ David Bahnsen turns his keen eye on the crisis that is Elizabeth Warren and her ‘plans’ to dismantle the free market system. It’s a must read for those who want to know what might be in store for America under a Warren presidency. Warren is a peculiar mix of progressive passions and pathologies: the populist technocrat. Rather than a pitchfork, she wields her ‘plans,’ which have less to do with actual public policy and more to do with making her agenda sound less than radical than it really is. David does a masterful job of pulling back the curtain and exposing Warren’s plan for what they really are.

~ Jonah Goldberg, Asness Chair in Applied Liberty, American Enterprise Institute

“In this engaging and incisive book, David Bahnsen lays bare the damage an Elizabeth Warren presidency would do to this country. David clearly details how every one of Warren’s favored policies — from Medicare for All to the Green New Deal and beyond — would bury the middle class in taxes and red tape. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in politics and policy — and adroitly explains what’s at stake in the 2020 presidential election.”

~ Sally C. Pipes, CEO, Pacific Research Institute

“With her relentless insistence that she has a ‘plan’ for all aspects of American life, Elizabeth Warren has become the poster-child of the Democratic Party’s dramatic leftward rush. In this timely book, David Bahnsen dismantles Warren’s fanatical agenda brick by brick, revealing it to be ignorant, dangerous, innumerate and, ultimately, immoral.”

~ Charles Cooke, Editor, NationalReview.com

“Elizabeth Warren isn’t merely a candidate for president; she stands for a progressive worldview with a long pedigree and, unfortunately, an influential future. In this important book, David Bahnsen makes a withering critique of Warren’s agenda and her premises that is all the more devastating for its factual nature and reasoned tone. Cogent, well-informed, and persuasive, Bahnsen’s book is a guide to how to think about the debate over the future of our country.”

~ Rich Lowry, Editor-in-Chief, National Review

“We have known since the Reagan Revolution that we do not address inequalities well by trying to make all people poorer. Senator Warren’s class envy message is not new, but the dangers of it are more profound than conventional political pronouncements. What David Bahnsen has done here is take age-old principles – things we know to be true from the testimony of history and economic laws – and use them to refute Warren’s radical agenda, piece by piece.

~ Dr. Art Laffer, Reagan economic advisor, supply-side economic pioneer

“With cool precision and careful documentation, David Bahnsen makes intellectual mincemeat of Elizabeth Warren’s economically illiterate zero-sum thinking and her class-warfare politics. From wealth taxes to energy policy, Warren has shown herself to be more interested in punishment than in progress—even if that means making middle-class and low-income Americans worse off in the process. Bahnsen runs the numbers, walks the reader through the relevant economics and policy questions, and leaves no room for doubt about what exactly it is that Elizabeth Warren is and what she represents.”

~ Kevin D. Williamson, Roving Correspondent, National Review

“If you aren’t afraid of Senator Elizabeth Warren, you should be.

She has taken political populism and married it to the powerfully divisive engines of class envy and racial animus. For every real or perceived ill, Warren has a “plan” — every one of which expands the massive power of government into all aspects of American life, and entails a ruthless program of confiscation to pay for it.

That’s why it is important for every American to become acquainted with what she is saying. And that’s is why it is so important to read David Bahnsen, who clearly tackles her distortions, misstatements, and outright lies.

America was built on e pluribus unum; out of many, one. We are one people, one nation. But if Elizabeth Warren prevails, this unity will be fractured into innumerable bitterly divided camps ultimately controlled by an all-powerful central government.

All Americans should arm themselves with the facts and responses presented in David Bahnsen’s Elizabeth Warren: How Her Presidency Would Destroy the Middle Class and the American Dream. This is an impressive and important book.”

~ Dennis Prager, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, New York Times bestselling author, and president of PragerU.

“What a great political and economic anomaly: The populist Left, championed by Elizabeth Warren, is determined to vanquish wealth – the thing most essential to the investment, productivity, and growth desperately needed to underwrite the evermore ambitious progressive agenda. Here, David Bahnsen, a brilliant financial analyst with a keen political eye, provides the antidote to Senator Warren’s nostrums, and a Hazlitt-esque Capital in One Lesson for the rest of us.”

~ Andrew C. McCarthy, New York Times Bestselling Author

“David Bahnsen combines a cool-eyed sensibility with blessedly jargon-free prose to build an impregnable case against Elizabeth Warren. This is an impressive polemic.”

~ John Podhoretz, Editor-in-Chief, Commentary

“If Elizabeth Warren has a ‘plan for everything,’ then David Bahnsen has the response. David’s book is a thorough, fair-minded, and comprehensive rebuttal to Warren’s ideological project. It’s a serious response to serious proposals, and it’s a vital read for every American who’s engaged in the battle of ideas.”

~ David French, Senior Editor, The Dispatch

“David Bahnsen has done more than merely catalog the massive monetary cost of the extraordinary policy errors that Elizabeth Warren would like to enact. He has put into stark contrast the difference between those who would have government take control of the minutia of our personal and business lives and the ability of individuals to enjoy the benefits and dignity of freedom in order to enact their own version of some utopian/authoritarian state. All of which is couched in some Orwellian language hiding the true outcomes. In seeking to make the government the source of financial support and well-being, as well as the arbiter of social norms, she would strip us of our individual personal responsibility for our own lives, not to mention our freedom of conscience. We are entering an age that will determine the future meaning of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness.”

~ John Mauldin, New York Times best-selling author, financial analyst, publisher of Thoughts from the Frontline

“I highly recommend David Bahnsen’s scrupulously researched, brilliantly organized, compellingly written book on Elizabeth Warren. Because, although its primary focus is the impracticality and destructiveness of Senator Warren’s specific proposals, the book can and should be read as a dissection of all similar policies – not just her wealth tax, for example, but the very concept of a wealth tax. David concludes his book with Leon Cooperman’s devastating open letter to Senator Warren, which I hold to be one of the great historical documents of our time. This book demands to be read by all of us who must stand on the battlements in defense of free market economics.”

~ Nick Murray, financial advisory speaker and best-selling author 

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